Here Is The Winner Of KFC’s ‘Immortalise Yourself’ 3D Statue Competition!

Here Is The Winner Of KFC’s ‘Immortalise Yourself’ 3D Statue Competition!

Last week, KFC offered one of our readers the chance to immortalise themselves as a 3D-printed golden statue while eating a Hashbrown Double. To win, you had to come up with an extra topping that would make the Double even more ridiculously tasty. After carefully poring over the entries, we’ve come up with a winner…

On reflection, judging this thing at lunchtime was probably a bad idea. There were many delicious sounding entries, including roast chicken skin, pulled pork, kimchi, fried egg, pork crackling and chipotle sauce — all worthy suggestions that made our bellies rumble. There were also some rather odd entries including beetroot, Spam, a smashed waffle cone and “the souls of young virgin women”. Oh, you guys.

In the end, we went with Lifehacker reader Stuart Ryan’s pick — a thin layer of battered and deep fried brie! We felt this was suitably unique/different while still having mainstream appeal. As Stuart explains:

It’s a bit upmarket yet would just explode in amazing flavour blending with the chicken, bacon, sauce and hashbrown.

We’re inclined to agree. Stuart will soon be immortalised with a photo-realistic trophy finished in gold. Congratulations!

For those who missed the memo, the KFC Hashbrown Double is a limited-edition “bunless” burger consisting a piece of bacon, two slices of cheese and a hash brown sandwiched between two chicken breast fillets. You can check out our taste test verdict by clicking on the video below:


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