Have A ‘Sleepover Swap’ To Save On Babysitting Costs

Have A ‘Sleepover Swap’ To Save On Babysitting Costs

Hiring a babysitter can really add to the costs of date night — that is, if you can even find one. If you have a sleepover swap, you can split the cost with some other parents.

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Parents already know how much kids like sleepovers. Hire a babysitter during that sleepover and have the babysitter watch two sets of kids. Money Talk news explains:

Combine forces with a friend and hire one sitter to watch both your kids for a certain period of time. You don’t necessarily have to go on a double date, but you can certainly plan your date nights for the same evening.

You will (and should) pay more for the extra kids, but the cost will likely still be less than if you each hired your own sitter.

This tip is handy if you both have a babysitter you trust. You won’t be competing for the sitter’s time, and you’ll save some money.

Check out the link for other tips on saving on babysitter costs.

8 Ways to Pay Less for Baby-Sitting [Money Talks News]


  • Or you could just take it in turns to have one another’s child over for a sleepover, allowing one couple at a time to have a date night (this is what I thought this article would be about given the title. Ahhh Lifehacker, always with the suprises!)

    • I am with you vumnoo I thought the same thing… although the idea to hire one baby sitter for two families is also good…

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