Google's Messenger Is Here To Replace Android's Default SMS App

Google's Messenger Is Here to Replace Android's Default SMS App

It hss been a while since Android's default Messaging app got some really good updates. Google has a new, updated Messenger with better sharing and number blocking.

While many people have switched over to Hangouts for all their messaging, some of us prefer the Hangouts-free experience, and it's nice to see an update for our camp.

The new Messenger app brings a shiny new, colourful interface to your messages, along with advanced features like archiving, search and faster sharing. You can also block individual senders or set contact-specific ringtones right from the message thread, which is a very nice touch.

To take advantage of most of these features, you may need to set Messenger as your new default SMS app — so head into the settings and turn that on when you start it up.

Messenger [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    For people having trouble finding the app in play store, search for a different google app (such as hangouts, and look through for other apps made by Google Inc.

    I'm pretty sure you could do a lot of that in Hangouts already.

      some of us prefer the Hangouts-free experience, and it’s nice to see an update for our camp.

      But I agree. I switched to Hangouts a while ago. My wife (who is on a prepaid plan for the twice-a-year she uses her phone) uses the Hangouts to message me while I'm at work and it saves money, using our home WiFi instead of network data

        Hangouts is great. I use it with my wife and just about every friend. It's even available on iOS devices which is great for catching people from both major OS's.

    Hangouts has been quite disappointing, I stopped using it on the s5 because it didnt have quick reply and pop up notifications like other applicatations out there. It still has a good long way to go before it can replace the standard messaging app.

    I stopped using hangouts because it was slow to load compared to the default messaging app - on both the HTC One X and the HTC Desire 816.

    Don't you mean Hangouts by "Android's Default SMS App"?

    Tried this app but two problems:
    1. If you make it default sms handler then messages don't appear on lock screen
    2. App frequently opens with blank screen [EDIT:] - seems this has been an ongoing issue with this app for a year or more

    Last edited 16/11/14 4:37 pm

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