Free Slurpee Day 2014 At 7-Eleven Is Disappointing

Free Slurpee Day 2014 At 7-Eleven Is Disappointing

It’s November, which means only one thing for cheapskates with a sweet tooth: it will soon be 7-Eleven Day, when the convenience store chain traditionally gives away a free Slurpee. The bad news? This year’s day (which happens, natch, on Friday 7 November) isn’t as generous as past offers.

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According to the event’s official Facebook page and the main 7-Eleven Site, this year you can score either a free small Slurpee or a free $1 coffee when you purchase anything else (with the key exception of tobacco). That’s not as good as past years, when you have been able to score a free drink, no strings attached, simply by using a voucher or simply showing up.

The upside is that you’re not giving away any of your personal details for the free drink. The downside is that it isn’t really a free drink. The $1 coffee is just about the cheapest thing in a 7-Eleven these days (save perhaps for a Chupa-Chup), so this is perhaps best treated as a “buy one, get one free” offer.

7-Eleven Day [via OzBargain]


  • Gutted, next they’ll make you use actual cups on BYO Cup Day.

    I fear that giant Mr Potato Heads days may be numbered.

  • > people in the world starving to death
    > angus kidman complaining he has to buy consumerist bullshit to get more consumerist bullshit


    • #firstworldproblems is a truly stupid attempt at #pseudoelitist #chardonnaysocialist humblebragging. People who live in the first world will have #firstworldproblems, and you don’t have to be too bright to realise that.

  • All of Lifehacker is solving first world problems dude. Would you rather they write articles like “How to get the best food from the rubbish dump” or “You won’t believe how many diseases your child has” ?
    We live in the first world, so we read websites about first world problems. Go live in a third-world country instead of reading Lifehacker lol.

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