Forge Your Own Mini-Sword With A Hammer, Nails And A Blowtorch

Imagine a sword. Now think of words that match with that image. Sharp. Steel. Cutting. S-words for $400. None of those are “adorable”, “cute” or “dainty”. But one look at this tiny blade, smithed by the person (or persons) behind Inspire To Make, and you’ll be hunting around for your own miniature tools to forge your own.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

Perhaps the quirkiest part of the sword is that it’s made from a pair of nails. Sure, there’s some hammering going on, but in terms or raw materials, that’s all there is to it.

If indeed you do want to have a crack, the steps to follow can be found at Instructables. Honestly, the most onerous part is using a blowtorch to heat the metal, though if you’re happy to use elbow grease instead, you can achieve similar results minus the flames.

Alternatively, you can watch the video above and just enjoy someone else going about the process.


There’s a fair amount of filing and sandpapering required to give it a nice shape and finish, so the quality of your attempt will vary depending on how patient you are.

I can totally see someone doing this on-and-off over a period of weeks while watching TV, or over a goblet of mead at your local medieval tavern.

Not sure if I’d be popping it in my scotch, regardless of how many imaginary Man Points it’d earn me.

Mini Sword [Instructables]

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