FloatNote Creates Reminders For Friends That Pop Up When You Call Them

FloatNote Creates Reminders for Friends That Pop Up When You Call Them

Android: Perhaps you need to remind your spouse to grab milk on the way home, or let your mother know what time the kids' soccer game is. FloatNote lets you make a note attached to your spouse or mother's contact card, and the next time you call them, you'll see that reminder on screen. Here's how it works.

It's a simple app for a specific purpose: Remember what you're supposed to say to someone next time you talk to them on the phone. Open the app and tap the plus button. You'll have the option of choosing from your contacts or your call logs who you'd like to assign the note to. When you click the contact, just write the note and hit the save icon on the top menu. Next time you talk to the person, you'll see the note floating on the screen as soon as the call starts.

FloatNote is available for free on Google Play. You get 5 notes with 30 characters each for free. There are a few different paid-for "premium" packages, starting at 7 notes with 50 characters each. You can reuse and edit the notes.

FloatNote - phone call notes [Google Play Store via Android Authority]


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