Filepane Adds File Management Options To Drag-And-Drop

Filepane Adds File Management Options to Drag-and-Drop

Mac: Actions such as resizing images, zipping files and creating new folders can take a lot of clicks. If you want to speed up the process, Filepane is a simple file management app that expands what you can do with drag-and-drop functionality.

Filepane is all about file management. When you click on a file and start to drag it, the Filepane menu pop up. Here, you can share the file, convert it to another format, zip it, print it, resize an image and more. At a glance, it's similar to Dropzone, but the emphasis here is more on conversion rather than sharing. For example, you can highlight a block of text, then drag it into Filepane to create a new plain or rich text document. Or you can just move files around quickly. You can even just quickly get a word count if you want. If you're the type to prefer the mouse to keyboard shortcuts, Filepane's worth a look.

Filepane ($6.49) [Mac App Store]=


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