Facebook's News Feed Settings Simplifies Cleaning Up Your News Feed

Facebook has rolled out a new News Feed Settings page that helps you cut the clutter from your News Feed without unfriending everyone.

The new tool is pretty simple to use. When you see a story you don't want to see, you can tap the arrow to tweak your settings and unfollow right from your feed. In the Settings panel, you'll also find the News Feed Settings page, where you can unfollow, refollow and perform other tasks in bulk.

The unfollow function has a been around for a while, but this gives you a little more control over how it works. As with most Facebook changes, it will be a gradual rollout so you might not see it right away.

More Ways to Control What You See In Your News Feed [Facebook]


    Soooooo...can I make my news feed default to Most Recent. No? Wellllllllllll great.....

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