Don’t Pause! Stops Notifications From Interrupting Your Music

Don’t Pause! Stops Notifications From Interrupting Your Music

Android: You’re grooving to music on your device and suddenly there’s a quick pause — every time you get an email, text message or other notifications. Don’t Pause! prevents these annoying interruptions.

The app is very simple to use, as developer Trent Pierce demonstrates in the video above. Just start the app, start your music, and it will keep playing without those hiccups. Your phone will go into vibrate mode for any notifications. The music will even keep playing in the background if your phone rings, although you can choose to silence only the notification stream. After you’re done listening to music and stop Don’t Pause!, the app can turn your ringer back on for you automatically.

In the ad-free pro version ($1.50), you can have the app automatically start up when: your headphones are plugged in, your phone boots up, a Bluetooth device is connected, and/or a USB cable is connected.

Add a shortcut to the app in your music folder and you’ll never have to worry about remembering to manually turn on and off your ringer.

Don’t Pause! (Free) [Google Play via WonderHowTo]


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