Do You Still Use Your Tablet?

Do You Still Use Your Tablet?

It seems like tablet sales are slowing down and while that might just be a sign that people don’t always need the next new thing immediately, we’re curious: do you still use your tablet very often?

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We’ve covered all kinds of uses for tablets before, but in my unscientific study of looking for people using their tablets out in the world, it seems like general usage is on the decline. So, we want to know: do you still use your tablet? What for?


  • Aren’t tablet sales slowing because people are happy with their old one? That’s what Apple says like, anyway. I use my IPad mini every day – email, casual browsing and reading. Maybe three hours a day. Maybe twice as much as my phone.

    • Yes, this is a major factor. General data is showing that the upgrade path is more like laptop than phone. It’s a “good enough” device, rather than a “latest greatest”.

      The slowish sales of iPad Air 2 are a real indicator of this.

      OT – I still use mine. But then I work in the ‘industry’.

  • Stopped using mine as soon as I got my Ultrabook… The keyboard just can’t be replaced imo..! 🙂

  • All the damn time, mainly because it’s an i7 convertible with Wacom pen.

    I seriously doubt I’d bother touching an arm device very often, I already have a phone.

  • I still use ours a bit especially for reading. Our 5 year old get more use from it though. Tablets are easier for young kids to use than a computer.

  • I use my Nexus 7 (2013) all day every day. Perfect size for my uses – email, youtube, twitter, casual browsing.

  • Daily, it has been integrated into my every task given the laptop work provides is heavy, big, has restricted admin and has to be locked to a table when I am in the office (?????)

  • Every day. Marvel unlimited and comixology make it a great comic reader. There are also a few games I play regularly and prefer the tablet version.

  • For reading, yes. Very rarely for anything else. I spend most of my time typing on a laptop, as above I prefer the keyboard.
    My daughter however would use her table non-stop from morning to night (literally) if I didn’t limit her time on it.

  • Yep use my iPad everyday, either for work or play a game. Actually use it more than my laptop.

  • I wish I still did, but my N7 (2012) is so damn slow that it’s just faster to reach for my phone, even if that means a loss of screen real estate.

      • I’ve tried a couple of different ROMs, Cyanogen worked the best, but it’s still not great.

        Lollipop is definitely on my to-do list. I updated my N5 with it yesterday, and it seems to have given a little extra smoothness.

        Have you tried lollipop on an N7?

  • My laptop has become a media player for the bedroom, my phone is now used for calls and messaging, which leaves my tablet for youtube, facebook, games, reading blogs (lifehacker).

  • We have 4 in the house – 3 get use multiple times a day. The newest are Nexus 7 devices (daily), next is a Gen 1 iPad mini (Many times a day – teenager), oldest is an original iPad 1, mounted on the wall in the kitchen – almost daily (syncs recipes and stuff).

    Based on mine and others I know, they just don’ t need to be replaced as often. Yes, nice to have, but not as needed. though the iPad 1 is almost useless 😀

  • I used mine for a while when I first got it, but never found anything that it could do better than my Macbook Air or my phone… The only thing I can think of is reading magazines, but my iPad retina (non-Air) is so heavy that I find holding it for an extended period to be unpleasant.

    I think that realistically, the only way that I would get any use out of a tablet is if I got rid of my Macbook Air and iPad and bought a hybrid device like a Surface Pro 3, but I honestly don’t really see the point…

  • I only have used mine in the last several years for watching video while travelling. It’s great for planes. However I take my laptop for internet and computer use. Battery and easy of tablet for video is just better.

  • To be honest, I don’t even know where my tablets are. I have 3 of them, but no clue as to where they are.

  • My Win-tablet (Yoga 13) has been my desktop for the last year or so, and even though it’s extremely light, only leaves the house for extended vacations. It gets used in tablet mode mostly when I need to read A4-sized documents near full-screen

    My Note 8 tablet is mostly used for Kindling and as a large screen alternate for surfing/scrabble when my phone is being recharged. I occasionally use it as my music device at work as it’s too fiddly to use the phone at the same time.

    I took the tablet on a one-week vacation as an experiment, but poor hotel wifi in most places (rural NSW) meant that I couldn’t use it for processing photos online, so I’ll be back to using the Yoga in future.

  • My tablet is almost a dedicated Wikipedia machine. If Wikipedia made their own tablet I’d be sold.

  • About once or twice per month as a pdf reader, preparing for interstate meetings. If it breaks down, I’ll go back to my MacBook.

  • 2012 N7 permanently mounted on a swing-away arm connected to the bedhead. Comfy Sony headphones. Bliss!

  • Between my iPhone 5 and my heavy 17″ MacBook Pro, my original iPad Air still gets a daily workout and is a good compromise. On weekends and evenings it is pretty constant. While I like the idea of upgrading, it still works perfectly fine for casual browsing, social media and is what I take travelling regularly. Can’t say that “work” is something that is ever done on it!

  • Between my Series 9 Ultrabook, Desktop PC and Xperia Z3 I genuinely dont feel the need for a tablet – In saying that if I did get one it would be a cheap likely older model iPad purely for exclusive iOS software, even then I’m really not that fussed at all.

  • NO

    My iPad basically remains connected to the power next to my bed running the nightstand app.

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