Do You Prefer To Travel With A Backpack Or A Suitcase?

Do You Prefer To Travel With A Backpack Or A Suitcase?

For almost any kind of travel, you can use either a suitcase or a backpack, but there are times when one has the advantage over the other.

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Erica Ho of Map Happy explains the pros of each one including better mobility and weight distribution for a backpack, and better protection for your items and a more professional look for a suitcase. So, which do you prefer to use when you travel? Let us know in the comments.

Should I travel with a suitcase or backpack? [Map Happy]


  • Suitcase all the way! I don’t want to ruin my back. The only time I wished I had a backpack was in Venice. Rolly suitcases are the devil on those stairs, stone streets and million bridges

  • I don’t travel for business (and even if I did I don’t think professionalism would dictate my choices).

    I’m really into minimal packing at the moment so I prefer the backpack as the natural accompaniment to the concept. I’m also an athlete and very strong so the weight on my back is no problem.

    If I do need more space than my backpacks, I’ll go up to a suitcase though.

    I went over to the US for almost a month earlier this year. I took a small suitcase (the max size for carry on, I think it’s like 25L or something like that), and a backpack.. I only needed that suitcase for the souvenirs we brought back.

  • I travel with both. Suitcase is checked in, knapsack is carry on.
    Then I have the option at the destination to use whichever is most appropriate to whatever activity I am doing..

  • After 8 years of numerous backpacking trips through Australia, Europe, US, Asia & the Middle East with a 70 litre backpack, I decided to trade it in for 58 litre Crumpler rolling bag. In 5 weeks it gets it’s first test on a month long budget trip through Argentina and Brazil. Will be interesting to see how it goes. Part of me is tempted to do the entire thing on cabin baggage though!

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