Create A ‘Lunchbox Zone’ To Prevent Snack Thieves At Home

Create A ‘Lunchbox Zone’ To Prevent Snack Thieves At Home

When you have kids in the house, you’ll often want to pack a treat or two with their lunch. Those sugary or salty snacks will tempt the kids, though, not to mention some adults. Creating a “lunchbox zone” in the pantry may help curb snacking.

Parent Hacks suggests a separate area reserved just for lunchboxes:

This year, as part of my back-to-school organising, I designated a “Lunches Only” shelf in a small cabinet in my kitchen. Stuff on that shelf is off limits for any other purpose (including my work-at-home husbands’ snack attacks).

Provided your kids are good at following rules, this should keep them away. This won’t stop your spouse if they’re a hardcore snacker, but it removes the excuse “I didn’t know that was just for the kids”.

Easier school lunch packing: designate a pantry “lunchbox zone” [Parent Hacks]


  • I know we’re catching them pretty fast, but this must be a fat-arse US article.

    Who the hell packs sugary or salty treats in their kids lunches? They should be eating sandwiches and fruit, or similar.

    • I always got a sugary treat with my lunches for recess. Normally just a couple of biscuits to go along with my fruit. If I was really lucky it would get a packet of tiny teddies, man those were good days

  • A kids only section in the pantry? You’ve got to be kidding.
    My kids drag the ladder into the pantry to get to the top shelf.

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