Click Frenzy: Where The Bargains Aren’t

Click Frenzy: Where The Bargains Aren’t

We have long maintained that the frequently overloaded Click Frenzy shopping events are basically a waste of time and that shopping around makes much more sense. A round-up of this year’s already-announced deals by underscores the point: many online stores are selling the same products via Click Frenzy at wildly different prices, and you can often do better by shopping elsewhere and ignoring the high-pressure hype.

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Take Adidas, for instance. Its products are 30 per cent off at The Iconic and ASOS, 25 per cent off at Surfstitch and 20 per cent off at City Beach.

While the range won’t be identical at every store, it underscores what we always say about this kind of online shopping: don’t fall for the first discount you find just because you’re told it’s “special”. Shop around properly and see what’s on offer.

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  • Click Frenzy is ridiculous and the savings are minimal. It was such a big failure one year that retailers were asking for refunds they paid to be part of it.

    • wow, I didn’t know about that @darren – just read about it then. It was because they weren’t happy the click frenzy website was down during the sale

    • A leatherman knife for a good deal EXACTLY the same as their normal purchase price … wow! George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill at $90… wow! The same one at the Good Guys ……/George_Foreman_Indoor… at $89 … wow… I’m all a-quiver! Wow… rip-off merchants.. Total rip off & that’s if the website doesn’t crash first! People have such short memories hey?

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