Cheap Paper On A Wine Label May Indicate Lousy Quality

Cheap Paper On A Wine Label May Indicate Lousy Quality

Picking out a quality wine is tough. You can use an app or a list, but in a pinch, try judging the quality of the label.

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The Savory tells us that a cheap label on the outside may mean inferior wine on the inside:

Feel the label. This is one of our favourite indicators of a low-grade wine. If a producer has opted to print on noticeably cheap paper you can be fairly certain that corners might well have been cut in other areas too.

Look for embossed letters and gold trim. Mmmmm…classy.

Just like a resume or business card, print quality is an indicator. A wine with a great label might still suck, so this isn’t foolproof — it’s just one more thing to look for. Check out the link for other ways of buying an inexpensive wine that still tastes great.

How to Avoid Buying Crappy Wine at the Supermarket [The Savory]


  • I wouldn’t count on this too much. Producers are going out of their way to make their wine stand out to the consumer and the only way for them to do this in the shop is via the label. There are plenty out there who tart up labels to look more flash, there are also a few good wines that go out of their way to use labels that break the normal “rules”.

    The only true way to find a quality wine is to drink it, narrow yourself down to a variety they pick a bottle. You’re going to get good and you’re going to get bad but that’s life.

    Also being a Yank article I’m surprised they didn’t bring Cork Vs Screw into the argument, which is good, Cork is Shite.

  • Last I checked that $1.90 wine from Aldi used alright quality paper. I wouldn’t put any weight into this claim.

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