Briefly: New Raspberry Pi, Top 20 YouTubers, 4K TV Explained

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: New Raspberry Pi is even cheaper and smaller, the 20 most popular YouTubers in the world, do you need a 4K TV?


    Why not direct people to the local distribution channels for the Raspberry Pi?

    I got my B+ direct from Element 14 and they have the A+ for $23.

    First time I have ever seen an n in Gizmodo

    wait.. Screenteam are not even in the top 20 youtubers list but the Fine bros are.. so why use a pict of screenteam instead of fine bros?

      If you're complaining about the pic of the chick with the big boobs, then I respectfully disagree with your protest.. otherwise I agree.

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