Briefly: 40% Off Priceline Cosmetics, Milky Way Time-Lapse

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Street Fighter II: G20 Edition, why we say "O'clock", how to make a Milky Way time-lapse video.

  • This year's G20 conference was overshadowed by Tony Abbott's "shirt-front" challenge to Russian president Vladimir Putin. This inspired someone to create a Street Fighter II parody video of the two leaders clashing in the ring.
  • Milky Way time-lapses are amazing. This video tutorial explains how to go from a casual observer to an active creator.
  • Ever wondered why people say "O'clock"? Allow Gizmodo to drop its science on those assembled.
  • You can get 40 per cent off cosmetics this Tuesday and Wednesday at Priceline. The deal is available both in store and online.


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