Big Data: The Skills Shortage Continues

Big Data: The Skills Shortage Continues

We’ve often observed that a lack of skilled staff is holding back big data projects in Australia. New research from analyst firm Telsyte suggests that issue won’t resolve itself any time soon.

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Telsyte’s Australian Big Data and Analytics Study 2014 report surveyed organisations with 20+ employees about their big data plans. While enthusiasm was high and a quarter have active big data initiatives, a lack of technical expertise is holding many projects back.

"CIOs cite lack of in-house and service provider skills as barriers to big data adoption," Telsyte senior analyst Rodney Gedda told Lifehacker. Other issues raised included difficulties with data integration and lack of a business case.

The lesson? Big data and analytics skills will pay off in the workforce. Get thee to a Hadoop course!


  • I thought we only needed to be taught arbitrary “facts”? Skills do nothing according to the uneducated.

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