Avoid Luggage Mix Ups With A Colourful Bag

Avoid Luggage Mix Ups With A Colourful Bag

If you’ve ever waited at a luggage carousel for your bag, you know how many black suitcases are out there. Prevent a luggage mix-up by making sure your bag stands out.

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Erica Ho at Map Happy points out that a colourful bag will make it easier to pick out and easier to identify if someone else (like a thief!) picks it up. Not a fan of bright colours? Opt for jewel tones — they still stand out while looking professional. My personal choice is a rusty red. In addition to being relatively distinctive, it also hides dust well.

Check out Erica’s full post, linked below, for more reasons why not to buy a black suitcase.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Black Suitcase [Map Happy]


  • If you already had a black luggage just find a piece of colourful fabri and tied to the bad. Works just as well i found. But gotta tied them really tight so they dont fly off at the first chance

  • Common colours are black/green/blue. Next up are Red/Purple followed by Orange.

    If you really want to stand out, buy orange or something even less common than that. I probably sell more red suitcases than any other colour because they’ll “stand out”, and there are a hell of a lot of them at the airports now.

    • So much this!
      I thought my red suitcase stood out pretty well and it does – until I’m waiting at the luggage carousel at the airport.
      So many red suitcases!

  • I always use one of my partners pink ones, I occasionally get strange looks from people being male, but I have only ever seen one other bag of the same colour when I have been picking up my luggage and the person who went to pick the bag up and realised it was not theirs was also a bloke.

  • I did this fluro green and some other guy had one too, so seen he thought he had the only one, he didn’t check the tags and took my bag and some one else’s “unique” bag as well.

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