App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today's best deals include Final Fantasy IV on iOS, Alien Breed on Android and Podcast+ Pro on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

NOTE: This is a hand-picked list of apps that we think are worth checking out, but we do not endorse them in any way, nor have we reviewed them.

We separate productivity/lifestyle apps and games. Otherwise, the apps are not listed in any particular order. Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels, so check before purchasing or installing.



PocketBand Pro for $5.72 (normally $11.44) • WikiExplorer - Pro for $1.69 (normally $3.99) • Noodles To Do List for free (normally $2.99) • FlightTrack 5 for $1.15/a> (normally $5.99) • OfficeSuite Pro for $9.99 (normally $14.99)


• <a style="font-weight:bold" href=""Calling All Mixels for free (Amazon App Of The Day — click here for how to access Amazon App Deals) • Puddle for $1.27 (normally $3.49) • Assassin's Creed Unity Companion for free (new) • Alien Breed for $1.00 (normally $4.99) • Worms 2: Armageddon for $1.00 (normally $4.99)



Blek for $1.29 (normally $2.99) • Musyc Pro for $6.49/a> (normally $12.99) • Satellite Safari for free (normally $2.99)


Dr. Panda’s Hospital for $1.29 (normally $3.49) • Pako - Car Chase Simulator for $1.29 (normally $3.49) • Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders for $1.29 (normally $4.99) • Brightstone Mysteries for free (normally $6.49) • Shadow Blade for $1.29 (normally $3.49)

iPad Only


Calistix HD Personal Trainer for free (normally $4.99) • Stopwatch & Timer for free (normally $0.99) • Earhoof for $1.29 (normally $3.79)


Osmos for iPad for $1.29 (normally $4.99) • Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2 for free (normally $4.99) • Final Fantasy IV for $9.99 (normally $19.99) • Final Fantasy III for $9.99 (normally $19.99)

Windows Phone


Podcast+ Pro for free (normally $1.99) • KeepIn Calendar for free (normally $0.99) • Podcast+ Pro for free (normally $0.99)


Ocean Swimmer for free (normally $2.99) • Angry Birds for free (normally $1.99) • Pudgy Penguin for free (normally $1.99)

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Contact us.


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