Android Studio Hits Version 1.0, Now Has A Release Candidate

Android Studio has been in beta since its 0.1.0 release back in May 2013. As of October this year, it's reached the lofty version number of 0.8.14 and while that's the official build, if you poke a little further you'll discover that a release candidate for v1.0 is now available for curious Android developers.

If you're not familiar with Android Studio, it's an IDE based on IntelliJ designed specifically for crafting apps for Android. While not considered the IDE to use (not even by Google), the company does want to make it your first choice "once it's ready".

If you want to download the RC, you'll need to hit up the Android recent changes page. There's a Windows installer that weighs in at 248MB, with the manual Linux and OS X versions a bit smaller.

Android Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released [Android, via Ausdroid]


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