Windows 10 Testers Aren't Opting For Virtual Machines

One of the more popular ways to test beta operating systems is to run them as a virtual machine, meaning that you're not putting your main system at risk. With the Windows 10 Technical Preview, it seems not too many people are doing that.

In a blog post about the preview program, operating systems group VP Joe Belfiore notes that while 1 million people have registered to test Windows 10, only 36 per cent appear to be running it as a virtual machine.

Belfiore says that's a good thing, since it means that users are more likely to be spending time running Windows 10 rather than merely testing it for a few minutes. That seems like something of an oversimplification: people who install Windows 10 on a spare older machine won't necessarily be more engaged. It's also probable that more VM tests will begin as the product matures: while Windows 10 can certainly be run as a virtualised environment, that's likely to be a buggier experience in the short term.


    36%? That's more than one in three, that seems like a good chunk of people are opting for virtual machines

    I'm in the 36%.. runs fine in a VM. I'm limited by ram though on my work machine - 1.5gb for the VM caps my machine out at 96% with everything else i need open but the win10 vm doesn't do too badly.

    I've never had major problems with the Technical Previews, so I just straight up opted to wipe my computer and go to Windows 10 on my Home/Tablet computers. Work remains 8.1 though, with 10 running as a VM.

    Seems like an odd statement. I'm running it in a Parallels VM on a Macbook Air. Runs very well, so far.

    Installed it on my Surface Pro 3.. works extremely well so far... :)

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