What’s The Worst Advice You’ve Ever Received?

What’s The Worst Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Not everyone is great at giving advice. Sometimes, you’ll ask a friend for help and they will give you the most hare-brained response imaginable. So we want to hear it, what’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

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We've all had the friend or colleague who has told us to quit our jobs, break up with a significant other, or rewire a toaster oven with duct tape. But we can learn something even from the worst advice. With that in mind, what's the dumbest, most evil, or just plain bad advice you've ever heard?


  • “Take the safe road. Go to uni and get ANY degree, get a day job, focus on security rather than your life goals.”

  • I once used a 240V extension cord that was handed to me which had the socket end replaced by a piggy-back plug with the pins sawn off. Ouch! (bare live brass conductors on the socket).
    Piggy-back plugs (also called tap-ons) are illegal to be sold in Australia now because of this possibility.
    I get mine from NZ!

  • Advice from the manager at an employment agency:
    “f you do get this job in security, maybe find out where a good spot that no one will find you is so you can sleep there on night shifts”

  • From a school teacher, on me playing with a rubik’s cube:
    “You’re never going to be the fastest in the world, so why bother trying anyway?”

  • More recently, I received some HORRIBLE advice telling me to scam free movie tickets from a cinema by pretending to be disgruntled about a movie I just saw!

  • As an employer “you can fight your employees unfair dismissal case”

    You can fight, but you can never win. Let me put that another way, winning will cost you more than settling.

  • My mum advising me in 1977 NOT to study electrical engineering to use as a launch pad to the embryonic computer industry, telling me “that I was stupid” and that “there are only jobs for people like that in Japan”. I went into healthcare and have regretted it my entire life.

  • “Do a barrel roll!”

    I performed a barrel roll diving into a swimming pool, my right ear impacted with the water first and burst my ear drum

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