Want A Job At Google? Learn MATLAB

Want A Job At Google? Learn MATLAB

Google remains one of the most desirable tech employers, and we’ve covered tricks for getting hired there in the past. One potential entry point? Bone up on statistics and learn MATLAB.

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Business Insider reports that former Google VP Jonathan Rosenberg singled out MATLAB skills in particular, and a knowledge of statistics in general, as crucial for all employers. Google is a data-driven organisation, and MATLAB shows off that data in a visual format that’s easier to understand.

Rosenberg is touring the world promoting a book he wrote with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Another tip to emerge from that book? Using keywords to make email search easier.

The One App You Need To Mention On Your Resume If You Want A Job At Google [Business Insider]


  • I think he’s mentioning matlab by name purely because it’s the most well-known language for data manipulation (if you’ve done a science or engineering degree, you’ll have used it at some point). The gist of the comment was less ‘we want lots of people who know matlab’ and more ‘we want people who have statistics and data manipulation experience’. If you know R or mathematica you’ll do fine.

    At least one guy inside google seems to agree: http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=5842591&cid=48176137

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