Three Tasks You Should Do Every Day To Stay Happy And Productive

Some days, even the best job can be a bit of a drag. If you want to get things done — but still keep your sanity — Jay Shirley’s “Must, Should, Want” method can go a long way.

Photo by Stacy Spensley

Jay Shirley, creator of productivity app The Daily Practice, keeps his days productive and enjoyable by formulating his to-do list with three things in mind:

First thing in the morning when you create your to-do list, start with these three entries:

  1. I must ______________ (a high-priority task that will have an immediate impact)
  2. I should ____________ (a task that will contribute to your long-term goals)
  3. I want ______________ (something you genuinely want to do)

With this approach, every day you’re working on something that will benefit you in the short-term, as well as lay the groundwork for long-term goals. And the “I want” task helps maintain your sanity by building in a little time for something you’re passionate about.

Not only will the “want” task keep you happy, but the “should” task — usually a long-term task you’ve been ignoring — will keep you feeling mega productive and accomplished, which is happiness in its own right.

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