This Jabra Headset Has A ‘Busy Light’ To Stop Colleagues Hassling You

This Jabra Headset Has A ‘Busy Light’ To Stop Colleagues Hassling You

Putting on headphones is one way of signalling to colleagues that you don’t want to be interrupted, but in workplaces where everyone uses a headset for phone calls, working out who is busy can still be tricky. Jabra’s new Evolve range of headsets includes a “Busy Light” so that fellow workers know not to interrupt.

The red light ring activates automatically whenever you’re making a phone call using the headset, and can also be switched on manually. It features on the Evolve 40, 65 and 80 models, which also include a retractable boom mike (so you can use the headset for regular music listening out of the office) and the ability to use either a 3.5-inch or USB connector.

It’s a simple concept, but an effective idea. The 40 has an RRP of $141.90.


  • “Oh, I can see you’re on the phone. I’ll just come back later” – Said nobody ever.

    I’ve had people come in and start chatting while I’ve had a telephone handset wedged between my shoulder and ear, actively talking to someone. I get an “oops, sorry!” when I put my finger up to say “Just a moment” but they just stroll over to the next desk and talk loudly to a colleague.

    • More to the point, who is going to see a red light on somebody’s headphones and assume that means they’re busy? Unless it became commonplace to have a feature like that..

    • +1 to that, even still I’m quite sure every manager remotely related to my position would think they were more important than a busy light!

  • In my IT Service Desk, we have a little cube that lights up, tied to our phone system.
    It’s green for when we are free, red for when we are set to Busy or in meetings, and flashing red when we are on a call.

    It is sitting on top of our monitors, is quite obvious, and we’ve explained it to people multiple times (especially seeing its the same colour as traffic lights!), yet the same people still come back to our desks, and talk to us while we’re on a call.

    Some people just neglect to notice anything outside of “I have a thing I need to say”

    But headsets with the lights seems like another good addition in the fight against rude people!

  • What you are saying: I’m concentrating right now. My work is more important than talking to you.
    What people see: I’m listening to music right now. My grooves are more important than talking to you.
    But seriously folks, if the headphones aren’t a clue to people who want to talk to you, then the little red LED won’t help.

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