These DIY Laser Dog Goggles Light Up The Night (And Look Like A Borg)

It's not going to make your dog walks faster, easier or more productive, but these DIY laser goggles for your dog will certainly make those late night walks more interesting, and a bit more fun. Plus: your dog looks like a Borg drone, which is just awesome.

Adafruit's Becky Stern (who you may remember from her How I Work feature at Lifehacker, not to mention some other ingenious hacks that we've highlighted), came up with the project as a way to get her dog involved in dressing up for Halloween. Turns out it works really well with her own cyber tank girl costume. Halloween aside though, the whole project is just awesome, and it would be awesome any time of the year.

To make this work you'll need a laser diode, an Adafruit Trinket microcontroller, an Adafruit GEMMA wearable electronics platform, a micro servo, a battery, and an assortment of wires and connectors — hit the link below for the full parts list. The project page also walks you through the build, step-by-step, and includes the code you'll need to program the GEMMA and the microcontroller so your furry friend looks like something out of a Star Trek episode, or maybe a 90s cyberpunk movie.

Either way, if Halloween is the excuse we're using for this, get on it now, make Becky's matching costume for yourself, then rock you and your laser dog year-round.

Laser Dog Goggles [Adafruit Learning System]


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