The Underground Secret Battlestation Workspace

The Underground Secret Battlestation Workspace

Need to get away from your five kids to get some work done (or read some comic books)? Imgur user vannatter knows the feeling, so he crafted this over-the-top amazing office in his basement for just that.

Vannatter's workspace is biometrically locked to keep the kids out, so he can focus on getting things done -- or playing video games. He has a TV and cabinet full of comic books in the back (not shown), five monitors (holy crap), a mini-fridge under the desk, and some serious ambient lighting along the edges. Not to mention some amazing cable management.

You can get a closer look at all his hardware at the album below, and more information about the workspace at this Reddit thread. The album also lists all of the gear he uses, including the monitors, monitor stand, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and even the fridge.

Is it over-the-top? Yes. But it's over the top in the best way.

My Tech Man Cave [Imgur via Reddit]


  • THIS!
    this is awesome.
    i hate australian house designs. as standard, they generally dont allow for basements and lofts. but i love this. a room or 2 out the way for tinkering that isnt a garage and lets a man just ‘be’ for a while.

    • 1. We have loads of open space in Australia – Basements are expensive and it’s always far cheaper and easier to build further outwards or upwards rather than down.

      2, We don’t get as much snow – European and US roofs are more steeply pitched providing a greater clearance in the roof cavity.

      3. It’s not as cold – hot water tanks and heaters are put in a basement in the US to protect them from the elements. In Australia we stick them in the roof cavity or outside.

      4. Soil compositions, high water tables – a fairly high water table, heavily reactive soils or a lot of unwieldy bedrock to contend with make basements expensive.

      5. Strict lighting and ventilation requirements for habitable areas – buildings are now required to have a certain amount of access to daylight and ventilation (usually through windows).

      6. Roof Trusses are Cheaper – Creating a loft means most of the bracing members in a roof truss need to be removed in order to provide room. To compensate for this the other member sizes have to be increased significantly and it becomes more costly.

      • Dude! A sincere thanks for posting this. I’d always wondered why Australia didn’t have basements and attics like you see in the US, and you’ve explained the reasons beautifully. It all makes sense to me now.

      • while i thank you for the insight, it unfortunately still makes me dislike our standard house designs.

  • I like it. I also think it could use 1 change, swap the blue lighting for something in the yellow/orange/red spectrum. Blue is bad for your eyes and screws with your natural sleep patterns, which will struggle enough anyway locked in a windowless room.

  • Setting up my own little office atm (Australia) and very keen to get a workbench set up to do some electronics work on (Arduino and robotics type stuff). Anyone got any suggestions for workbench suitable desks? Thinking wood or laminex topped at this point.

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