The Highway HUD Desktop

The Highway HUD Desktop

Reader Amitabh loves his highway desktops, and even though he recently shared the Road to Redemption desktop with us, we love this Linux desktop too — the position of the stats looks like a real HUD, one that’s easily ignored when it’s time to work.

Here’s what Amitabh used to set it all up. He’s using Ubuntu, but you can do this on any Linux distro:

  • The wallpaper
  • Conky, a lightweight system monitor for Linux systems
  • The HUD theme for Conky to create the display in the centre of the screen
  • The Numix GTK theme to tweak the look and feel of the interface
  • The Numix Circle Icon set to replace the system icons
  • The Plank application launcher at the bottom of the screen

That’s all you’ll need. It’s not a lot of effort to turn that stock Linux desktop into one that’s a bit more personalised.

The Open Highway Desktop [Flickr]