The Foggy Lake Desktop

The Foggy Lake Desktop

Sometimes customised widgets are the way to go, sometimes minimal is the best approach — right now we've definitely seen a trend in the minimal direction. Flickr user Imminient Fate submitted this good-looking minimal desktop. Here's how you can set it up too.

This one's a Windows desktop, but it still looks clean and simple — not too much on-screen to be distracting, and plenty of room to work. Here's what you'll need to make your computer look like this:

ImminentFate has done a good bit of customising and tweaking to make this setup look just so, so yours may not look quite the same just by installing all the right packs and tweaking all the right settings. If you have trouble, or aren't sure how to make it all work, head over to his Flickr page (linked below) to ask how he did it!

Minimal Foggy Lake Desktop [Flickr]


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