The Drunkest Countries In The World

The Drunkest Countries In The World

Is this a badge of pride, or a sign of impending cirrhosis? Either way, even though Australia has a relatively low population and usually does very well in comparative studies of all sorts of statistics, when it comes to heavy drinking, the only group to drunkenly slur “Straya!” into a gutter with any pride are womenfolk.

Although “pride” might not be the right word, especially the morning after.

Business Insider reports on the worldwide alcohol consumption figures, courtesy of Wasted Worldwide, and some of the statistics are eye-opening. In pure per capita terms, the drinking champions are Belarus with an average consumption of 17.1 litres each per year. Australia’s average is 12.2 litres each by comparison, so we’re still up there in world rankings, but below more than a few heavily populated countries. As you might expect, the traditionally “dry” Middle Eastern nations dwell at the bottom of the rankings in terms of alcohol consumption.

Belarus’ drinking domination is heavily predicated on men who drink, quaffing down a hefty 27.5 litres each per average. Australian blokes on average down 17.3 litres each, keeping us well down the tally lists, but if you swap genders, we’re much more competitive. The ladies of Belarus down 9.1 litres each, still dominating the world figures, and possibly only getting that much because the men are downing the rest, but Australian ladies manage 7.2 litres each per year, which is appreciably close.

The Drunkest Countries In The World [Business Insider]


  • Not a surprise to anyone who’s ever spent any time in the Valley on a Friday or Saturday night. Pretty sure it’s impossible to spend a few minutes out and NOT see at least one or two girls crying/puking in the gutter, with running mascara and no shoes.

      • Yup, Cohan is right, I meant Fortitude Valley. I lived there for years. There was nightly screaming in the street and it was usually women screeching at each other over various slights. Usually man-stealing. You see enough of that over enough years, you get a pretty warped perspective of what’s going on out there.

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