The CIA Escape And Evasion Survival Bag

The CIA Escape And Evasion Survival Bag

CIA agents need to be prepared for everything, and sometimes that means surviving on limited resources. Their survival kit is tiny, but it includes everything needed to get out of town and live for a while.

The bag looks like a Maxpedition M-2 Waistpack. Here's what's inside:

There's a bit more they would usually have not included in the photo, including a diamond wire to cut metal, lightweight fishing equipment and a ceramic blade.

Escape & Evasion Survival Kit [CIA]


  • I suppose the diamond wire would make a good garrotte, but I’d still like a wad of cash, a pistol (or taser), food, water, and a change of clothes.

  • I clicked on the ‘tension wrench’ because I had no idea what it did (tool for lockpicking apparently, so I learned something today). The page shows ‘items also viewed’ and of course the other things on the list are there. Tells me three things (that savvy Lifehacker fans already knew): advertising comes in many forms, it’s easy to make connections about people, and the CIA* wants to know what you are shopping for.
    Evil week, eh?
    *Could be a false flag operation, if my readings of Frederick Forsyth novels in the 1980s are anything to go by.

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