The Best Tech Employers In The World (And The Skills They Seek)

The Best Tech Employers In The World (And The Skills They Seek)

Fancy working at Google, Apple, Microsoft or Twitter? LinkedIn’s annual roundup of the best companies to work for highlights the skills that you’ll need to score a job at one of the tech giants.

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LinkedIn’s inDemand index ranks companies which have seen the most “interactions” around jobs, and also lists the skills those companies are actively seeking during recruitment. As we did last year, we’ve pulled out the tech-centric companies from the list and highlighted the skills sought:

Company Rank Skills sought
Google #1 Distributed systems, Python, algorithms
Apple #2 iLife, iWork, iOS
Microsoft #4 Cloud computing, Azure, enterprise software
Facebook #5 Python, algorithms, distributed systems
Amazon #6 Distributed systems, scalability, software development #19 SaaS, cloud computing, PaaS
Twitter #23 Scalability, distributed systems, Python
Yahoo #27 Scalability, Hadoop, display advertising
Vmware #29 Cloud computing, virtualisation, storage
Adobe #37 SaaS, cloud computing, enterprise software
Cisco #41 Cisco technologies, unified communications, routing
Netflix #44 Scalability, distributed systems, streaming media
Electronic Arts #67 Video games, PS3, Xbox 360
Juniper Networls #77 Juniper, JUNOS, Ethernet
Spotify #78 Git, digital media, Python
Dell #87 Storage, cloud computing, enterprise software
Red Hat #88 Red Hat, open source, RHEL
Avaya #93 Avaya, SIP, unified communications
Huawei #95 3G, GSM, 2G
Oracle #97 Oracle, SaaS, enterprise software
IBM #100 Solution architecture, cloud computing, pre-sales

The big-picture lesson here? You can’t go far wrong skilling up in distributed systems — or with Python.

LinkedIn [via Business Insider]


  • Video games, PS3, Xbox 360
    So owning or playing video games, PS3 or Xbox 360 is a skill? Cool, I better get my resume ready for a healthy career at EA!

    • You’d be surprised. I was a tester at EA (BF2 mostly) for about a year, and while when I was hired there were a series of aptitude tests, logical, mathematical and attention to detail, when they ramped up for 64 player multiplayer testing all you really needed to know was the difference between a PS2 and an Xbox.

      Admittedly that was only testing (QA) and now they do that in Poland or somewhere, but still.

  • A quick search shows the company I work for is NOT in the top 100. Which makes me wonder where they came in the overall rankings.
    That information is, sadly, not available. LinkedIn apparently don’t want me to know how poorly off I really am.

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