Take A Photo Of The Back Of Your TV Before You Move

Take A Photo Of The Back Of Your TV Before You Move

Packing up for a big move is tedious work, but with a bit of extra preparation, you can make unpacking much easier. Take a photo of the back of your TV (and other devices) so you know how to plug everything back in.

The folks at My Guys Moving share a few simple tips for making your move easier, but we really like this one:

You don’t need a photographic memory to properly rewire your high-priced electronics after a move, but you do need a photograph. A few days before the movers haul your stuff away, take some quality photos of the wiring at the back of your HDTV. Once your new place is ready for some entertainment, just look at the photos to know where all of those pesky wires are meant to go.

Of course, for this to be effective, you’ll also want to photograph the back of the devices your TV is connected to. Even if you’re an A/V guru, this does take a lot of the effort (and time) out of reconnecting everything later.

Hit the link for more tips, including how to pack your post-move necessities and more.

The Top 5 Moving Hacks [My Guys Moving]


  • Or you could label it all up.

    Personally – having moved 2 weeks ago – I prefer to re-wire every time I move. It gives me a chance to check all connections and replace any wires that are frayed, damaged or just plain gross.

    It’s also a great chance to tweak your setup. This time I’ve replaced the speaker wire with better quality (but still cheap) cable, added a Roku 3 for streaming, added a switch – my network is now split over 2 rooms, and packed away my Wii.

  • lol, Rewiring the six cables going into the TV is pretty straight forward. Trying rewiring a home cinema with a few hundred cables.. A photo wont help. You need to tag every cable to ensure that you get things right.

    • or you could just understand how the system works, if you know why each cable goes where it goes then you won’t need a photo, it will just be logical.

  • Better take a picture so I remember my Chromecast is in HDMI 2 instead of HDMI 1 or else I am fucked! How on earth would you ever remember where your RGB cable plugs in!

    I find over the years you tend to just add stuff to available spots. So it is good to start from scratch. Clean up any bad ordering that may have happened as well as just plug in what you need.

    With all the ports labelled on the back of the TV, you really shouldn’t have any issue of plugging anything into the wrong spot.

    • The issues I run into is with my universal remote, when I press one button it is labelled XBOX but if I now how my Chromecast plugged into the XBOX allocated HDMI obviously that is an issue.

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