Protect Your Wall With A Sponge When Pulling Nails

Protect Your Wall with a Sponge When Pulling Nails

Need to pull out a nail, but don't want any hammer scuff marks? All you need is a sponge.

You can give yourself a second chance at re-hanging a photo without worrying about messing up your precious paint job. Insert a sponge between the hammer and the wall to provide a compressible barrier, not to mention a bit of leverage. You should be able to pull that nail out without marring your wall.

You can also use a putty knife for a similar result.


    Bloody hell, unless the nail is really easy to pull, you don't want to use a bloody sponge..! If the nail is solidly placed into a stud or noggin, particularly hardwood, it will be a bit harder to pull. Use a flat piece of wood or a thick piece of plastic, other wise you WILL mark 'yer wall..!

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