Plex Comes To Xbox, Streams All Your Media To Your TV

Plex Comes to Xbox, Streams All Your Media to Your TV

Xbox users can finally take advantage of our favourite media centre, Plex. The app is available today for Xbox One users, and soon for the Xbox 360.

If you have an Xbox, you can now view your media collection, take advantage of Plex recommendations based on viewing habits, the ability to fully customise the view of your collection, and voice and gesture control (with Kinect). Plex also categorises your media. The Rediscover feature helps you find TV shows you started watching but might have forgotten about, and Recently Added is now organised by media type.

Plex Pass users can download the app for free in the Xbox Live App Store. Soon, non-Plex Pass users will be able to download it for a one time fee. The Xbox 360 version is on the way soon, too. Before you install the Xbox apps, install the Plex Pass preview release on your media centre or home server.

Plex on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 [Plex Blog]


    Damn wish I had the Plex pass. I thought it was being developed by a third party?

    Server 2003 support discontinued with this version, goodbye plex, uninstalling from my server ;(

      Spin up an ubuntu vm, nice and easy. I've got my plex server running with 512mb of ram :-)

    Plex's biggest drawback for me is that you can't create playlists.

      Playlists were introduced on July 31 with Time to take another look.

        I have had another look but must have something wrong. I can add things to the playlist from the server end but can't play it on the frontend and can't add items to a queue on the frontend.

      Playlist support was added in July, so presumably also exists in this Xbox version.

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