MovieBox Streams Video Torrents On iOS, No Jailbreak Required

MovieBox Streams Video Torrents on iOS, No Jailbreak Required

iOS: Yesterday, the popular streaming app Popcorn Time made its way to iOS on jailbroken devices. If you're not jailbroken but still want to get in on the action, MovieBox is a similar app that you can install on any device.

MovieBox works a lot like Popcorn Time in that you can browse through a bunch of popular movies and tv shows and then start streaming them right away. From there, you can select the quality of the stream you want, then start watching. While MovieBox doesn't require a jailbreak, it does require a workaround to install it. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and change the date to September 16
  2. Open Safari and go to
  3. Tap the green button to download to MovieBox
  4. Open MovieBox
  5. Return to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn on Automatic

Once it's installed, you should be able to stream movies right away.

MovieBox [via Cult of Mac]


    Whats the Date and Time change for? Prior to iOS8?

      Having a look at the cult of mac comments, it looks like "[t]he app is signed with an expired enterprise certificate. Changing the date fools iOS into validating the certificate."

    that was such a quick and easy install given its not an app store/approved app. awesome.

    Just be warned that it's not set up for 8.1 yet. So anyone with the beta is out of luck for now. Otherwise no issues up to 8.0.2. Enjoy!

    Terrible thing!!! I downloaded it on 8.0.2 and it worked great. Downloaded 8.1 and its not working.
    Ive spent two days trying to go back on my ipad mini and it wont work so is there a fix for this app on 8.1 coming soon?

      Redownload, no need to change date even this time.

    I have this loaded on 8.0.2 and it seems to work fine for about a day, but then crashes when you try to launch it. I found that changing the date back to Sept 16 allows it to work again (but only for like a day). So I have to keep changing the date back every so often. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    Hey Can anyone help me i tried too get moviebox on my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.0.2 it doesn't works ??? I need help too get

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