Make A Homemade Juice Popsicle With Dry Ice

Want a cool homemade treat? You can use dry ice as a mould for the perfect juice popsicle.

Grant Thompson "The King of Random" demonstrates this on his YouTube channel. Get a block of dry ice and carve a popsicle-shaped groove in it. Make sure there is somewhere for the stick to rest and then pour in whatever juice you like. After it freezes, pull out the popsicle, and be sure to dip it in some warm water before trying to eat it. The popsicle will be extremely cold and if you try to give it a lick before dipping and warming the outside, you'll have a tongue-stuck-to-the-frozen-pole situation.

QC#34 - Dry Ice-Pop [YouTube]


    I'm pretty sure its easier to get hold of a "put it in the freezer" moUld than getting hold of dry ice, sure its not as quick but i don't usually have dry ice laying around the home so if you take that into consideration it seems kinda stupid.

      I'm pretty sure the real reason for this video is not so you can do this too. It is more likely to increase views/brand awareness/make money.

        probably, but due to the absurdity i didnt even play the video.

    For more exotic frozen treats, using items nobody would have in their home, try pouring fruit juice directly into liquid nitrogen.

    Don't let it splash on you.

      Interestingly you'd probably be alright with a bit of a splash due to the leidenfrost effect.

        Oh yeah - I remember seeing Jay Leno dip a wet hand in molten lead.

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