Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted the dirt on Windows 10, ways to save on luxury and the truth about "green" Coke. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Taste Test: What Does 'Green' Coke Made From Stevia Leaves Taste Like?
    Coca-Cola Life is a new "mid calorie" soft drink for health-conscious cola fans who don't like the taste of Diet Coke. It's hero ingredient is Steviol Glycosides, a natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant and mixed with sugar. In addition to containing fewer kilojoules, the end product also has a unique flavour that's quite unlike any artificial sweetener I've tasted. Read on for the full Lifehacker verdict.
  2. Coles Banned From Advertising 'Fresh' Bread For Three Years
    Coles has been banned from promoting its bread products as "fresh" for three years as punishment for false advertising. The Federal Court found that breads advertised by Coles as "freshly baked in store" were sometimes produced months previously in other countries. The supermarket giant must also display a notice in its stores and on its website telling shoppers that it has broken Australian consumer law.
  3. All The New Stuff Coming To Windows 10
    Microsoft gave us a small peek at the next version of Windows today, confusingly dubbed Windows 10. Here's what you can expect to see.
  4. How To Look Better In Photos Based On Your Body Type
    Most of us don't like to see ourselves in photographs, because we don't like to see our imperfections. Here are a few tricks anyone can implement to look better when the shutter clicks.
  5. The Luxury Accessories You're Probably Paying Too Much For
    There are some things you simply don't skimp on, but other luxuries just aren't worth the extra money. From stemware to TVs, there are some luxury goods that don't live up to the hype or the higher price tag. Let's run down a few of them.
  6. Opal Card Study Finds More Than 60% Of Commuters Are Worse Off
    An independent study from the makers of personal finance app Pocketbook has found that most Sydney commuters are spending 10-15% extra on their weekly travel since Opal cards replaced paper tickets. Only around 14 per cent are better off.
  7. The Key To Better Work? Email Less, Flow More
    Have you ever felt like all you do is check your email? In fact, our incessant need to respond to emails at work can be a huge distraction from important tasks, but it doesn't have to be that way. You have to reinvest in finding flow — a deep state of focus.
  8. Make Your Own Instant Noodle Cups For Healthier, Tastier Lunches
    Do you love a cup of soup and instant ramen as much as we do? Here's a DIY way to get your noodles fix while also upgrading it to be more delicious and packed with fresh ingredients.
  9. How To Install The Windows 10 Technical Preview Right Now
    Yesterday, Microsoft announced the newest version of Windows. Today, the company is allowing adventurous users (like yourself) to try it out for free. Here's how.
  10. Learn The Basics Of Colour Theory To Know What Looks Good
    Colours are important to making things look good, whether it's the clothes you wear or the presentation you give at work. But not everyone instinctively knows that orange and blue is a perfect combination. If you can't trust your own judgement, understand and rely on the basics of colour theory to always pick the right colours.


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