iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3: Australian Price And Release Date

iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3: Australian Price And Release Date

Today Apple announced the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. When will they hit Australian shelves — and how much (if any) Australia tax will we pay?

Australia is getting the same release dates as the US — pre-orders open tomorrow (18 October) and the devices go on sale on Friday 24 October.

The iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thick, includes an 8MP camera and comes in three models. The 16GB Wi-Fi version is $619, 64GB is $739 and 128GB is $859. For Wi-Fi plus support for a 4G or 3G mobile SIM, you’re looking at $779 for 16GB, $899 for 64GB and $1019 for 128GB. No 32GB model this time around.

The updated smaller iPad Mini 3 will also come in three variants. With just Wi-Fi, you can have 16GB for $499, 64GB for $619 or 128GB for $739. The mobile model costs $659 for 16GB, $779 for 64GB or $899 for 128GB.

How do the Australian prices compare to the US? The table below shows the Australian price, the same price minus 10 per cent GST, the US price (which is quoted without state sales tax for US customers), and that price converted to Australian dollars. Comparing the GST-free Australian figure to the converted price shows us if Apple is overcharging.

Model Type Size Price Ex-GST US Converted
iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB $619.00 $562.73 $499.00 $568.86
iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB $739.00 $671.82 $599.00 $682.86
iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 128GB $859.00 $780.91 $699.00 $796.86
iPad Air 2 Mobile 16GB $779.00 $708.18 $629.00 $717.06
iPad Air 2 Mobile 64GB $899.00 $817.27 $729.00 $831.06
iPad Air 2 Mobile 128GB $1,019.00 $926.36 $829.00 $945.06
iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB $499.00 $453.64 $399.00 $454.86
iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB $619.00 $562.73 $499.00 $568.86
iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi 128GB $739.00 $671.82 $599.00 $682.86
iPad Mini 3 Mobile 16GB $659.00 $599.09 $529.00 $603.06
iPad Mini 3 Mobile 64GB $779.00 $708.18 $629.00 $717.06
iPad Mini 3 Mobile 128GB $899.00 $817.27 $729.00 $831.06

On that comparison, iPads are actually slightly cheaper in Australia than the US. The converted price (based on today’s exchange rate) is actually higher than what Apple is charging local customers once you factor in GST.

Apple is also cutting prices on some older iPad models. Check out our detailed guide to how much cheaper those have become.


  • Your price calculation ex-gst is incorrect. Example IPad Air 2 A$619 should be divided by 1.10 giving a price of A$562.72. If you then add 10% gst it will be $562.72 x 1.10 = $619. What you did was A$619 x 0.9 = $557.10. If you use $557.10 and add 10% gst, it will give you $612.81. Hence the pricing gap between ex-gst price of $562.72 and converted price of $568.86 is much smaller. Hope this will help you avoid future mistakes in working out correct figures as you are presenting important numbers to your readers.

    • Apologies, figures corrected. However, it doesn’t change the main point — we’re still paying slightly less, rather than 10% or more extra as has been the case in the past.

      • However, it doesn’t change the main point.
        I don’t want a main point. I want the correct calculations so I can decide on how I wish to interperate the article for myself.

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