Ignore No More Remotely Locks Phones, Forces Kids To Call You Back

Ignore No More Remotely Locks Phones, Forces Kids To Call You Back

Android: File this under the “manipulative apps for parents” category. Ignore No More was developed to prevent kids (or even your significant other) from ignoring your repeated calls or text messages. Until they call you back, their phones are locked.

Once you set up the app — via the Amazon App Store — on both your phone and your children’s phones, you’ll be able to remotely lock their phones if/when you need contact right away. Once locked, the only things that can be done on the target phone are call you (or other emergency contacts you list in the Ignore No More settings) or make an emergency responder call.

In my tests it worked as described, except for one thing: After locking and then unlocking the target phone, its default lock screen password setting was disabled.

Hopefully you’ll never have to use this though. Consider it a last resort when you just can’t get through to your kids.

Ignore No More ($0.99)

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  • Sounds like the perfect app for those with a tight domestic violence type control on their relationships.

    • yeh, im with ya on that bro,
      this app sounds horrible
      it only takes 30 seconds to realize that the Cons far exceed the Pros
      i feel sorry for the poor fools being forced to use this

  • I’ve got got something like this set up on my son’s android phone using the app Macrodroid. Twice a week I’ve set it up so that before he opens up Clash of Clans he must call me first. This call then disables the Clash of Clans lock. Works great.

  • I hope it doesn’t block 000 calls.

    Imagine your child about to be kidnapped, he goes to dial 000 and this app blocks the call.

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