How To Safely Transform To An Agile Data Centre

How To Safely Transform To An Agile Data Centre

As Lifehacker covered in ‘The Next Five Years Of IT‘, the modern data centre is no longer a static environment. To stay competitive, you need an agile data centre which can deploy on-premises, pure cloud or hybrid technologies as the need arises. But what’s the best way to effectively manage and deploy those resources? Here’s how to control your data across all major platforms and protect against security breaches, loss of data and business downtime.

A high performance and reliable agile data centre environment is all about balance. It’s about getting the appropriate resources delivered to the right users, applications, places, locations and platforms in the right way — when you need them. Check out the short video below where Jeff Hausman from Symantec elaborates on this concept.

Video: Why Your Business Needs An Agile Data Centre

Your Business Edge

Forrester Research defines business agility as “the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine”. It’s not a new concept for business, but it’s a modern, competitive opportunity for IT. A business is only as agile as its data centre, after all. Symantec’s unique platform-agnostic tools are specifically designed to enable this transformation, with solutions to manage security, data protection, storage, business continuity, and compliance more efficiently, and with less risk.

>NetBackup: Manages backups across heterogeneous environments and helps ensure service levels are met with elastic, scalable data protection.

>Storage Foundation: Keeps mission-critical data, applications, and infrastructure highly-available and agile to satisfy changing business requirements.

>Disaster Recovery Advisor: Complements high availability and disaster recovery solutions to help ensure your business continuity plan will work when needed.

>Data Centre Security: Server & Server Advanced: help secure physical and virtual servers and help evolve your data centre’s security architecture. #GoTransform.

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