Here's What Windows 10 Looks And Feels Like

The Windows 10 technical preview is out and offers a peek at some new upcoming features. If you don't feel like installing it yourself, this video walkthrough should give you a brief idea of what it looks and feels like.

Things aren't too different from Windows 8 (yet), and most of the features you already know: the Start menu's back, Modern apps can be run as a window, multitasking and virtual desktops are here. But there are a few other cosmetic changes — like the removal of window borders — that are pretty interesting.

We're still playing around with the OS and finding little tidbits inside, but if you just want to see what it looks like, this should give you a feel. If you're trying it out yourself and find anything cool, let us know!

Video music by Eric Skiff


    Calling it Windows 10 sounds a bit like not wanting to seem to be behind Apple with their OSX, kinda like the way the XBOX went to XBOX360 instead of XBOX2 so as not to look inferior to the PS3.

    It looks good so far though, I guess the old adage about every 2nd windows release being the good one might still be true.

      ...and then went to Xbox One so as not to look inferior to the PS4.

      Wait... what?

    For my terminal i normally use Mingwin (default install with gitbash) with a conemu shell:

    P.S. can you please screenshot an image of what the start menu is like without any tiles in it at all? I just want to see the beauty of the desktop experience returned!

    Wow, how obvious is it Microsoft are trying to put a big gap between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 by leaving Windows 9 out. I doubt that its big enough though. After the epic failure of Windows 8, its a wonder Microsoft don;t change there name altogether.

    The Windows command prompt has barely changed since Windows 95 and is very limited.

    I use TCC/LE which is free and has literally thousands of enhancements for serious command line work. It has replaced the older and equally awesome 4DOS and 4NT if anyone remembers those.

    It was reported that Windows 10 can handle about 8k resolution. It's good to hear that we can have 4k and 8k resolution however with the internet connection we have, I doubt we can enjoy them. Having 1Gbps will suffice my craving for this 8k resolution.

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