Google's Data Centre Has Google-Coloured Cooling Pipes

This is how you can tell Google has money to burn: it paints the cooling pipes in its data centres using the colours from its logo.

Google doesn't offer open access to its data centres, but Business Insider compiled a photo tour of images Google has published of its various locations. It's the coloured piping that really jumps out for us. Water cooling isn't the only option for cooling a data centre, but it's a popular choice, though managing the water itself can be tricky.

Hit the link for more images from Google's centres.

Take A Rare Peek Inside The Massive Data Centres That Power Google [Business Insider]


    Smart move. Even if costly, with so many pipes it's sometimes good to know which one is which.

    This is literally the oldest news I can possibly imagine.

    Whats next, using different coloured Ethernet cables to mean different things?

    For a moment, I thought I was looking at the inside of the Enterprise for Star Trek 3 (pre-lens flare). Which one is the GNDN pipe ?

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