Google Takeout Refresh Adds Google Drive Saves

Google Takeout Refresh Adds Google Drive Saves

Google’s Takeout service, which allows you to archive all your Google-centric data, has changed its interface and added Google Drive as a potential storage location.

Google Operating System reports on the changes, which streamline the selection of services that you can add to a takeout archive. You can also deep dive into selected services to only take a selection of the data stored within, such as only choosing selected books from within Google Books, for example.

Google Takeout’s mission has long been taking data out of Google, but you can optionally choose to leave it within Google now, storing it in your Google Drive account. It will count against your total quota if you do choose to store your Google data with Google itself.

New Interface for Google Takeout [Google Operating System]


  • This is great news. It would be better if google could also add dropbox, box, etc as a location.

    I get that onedrive as a location is never going to happen, but surely they can add some other cloud storage services? Or secure FTP so those of us with a VPS or other rented server can have google transfer the files there directly with their high speed links.

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