Get The Scientific 7-Minute Workout On Any Device With This Web App

Get the Scientific 7-Minute Workout on Any Device with This Web App

When you're strapped for time, getting your sweat on is sometimes a luxury that goes by the wayside. That's where the Scientific 7-Minute Workout comes in. This newly-launched web app can easily guide you through the research-based workout via a browser web app on PC, smartphone or tablet.

The web app, launched by The New York Times and Well Workouts, guides you through each of the 12 exercises with female or male voiceover and times each exercise along with a resting period in between. If you have some dumbbells around — and you're looking for even more of a challenge — you can try the Advanced 7-Minute Workout with 9 different exercises.

To use the web app, just head to this link, and either click or tap Begin Workout. Save the link to your favourites or add the link to your phone or tablet's home screen and you're good to go. Just be sure to use proper form to avoid injury and get all the benefits.

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout [Well Workouts via The New York Times]


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