Get Rid Of That ‘Old Book Smell’ With Cornflour

Get Rid Of That ‘Old Book Smell’ With Cornflour

If you have some books that have been sitting around in the garage, they might pick up “old book smell”. Sprinkling some cornflour helps get rid of the smell without damaging the book.

Photo by Richie Rich

POPSUGAR explains how to safely remove that smell:

Grab some cornflour and stand books on their sides slightly open over a length of parchment paper or on a large flat surface, allowing you to easily sweep up cornflour to use again on other books. Now sprinkle the cornflour over the book, fanning pages out to coat. Let your old books set overnight, then shake out the cornflour. The result? Fresh books!

You’ll want to be careful shaking it you so you don’t damage the binding or the pages. Check out the link for other ways to use cornflour (or cornstarch as our US brethren have it.

18 Uses for cornstarch that will save you money [POPSUGAR Smart Living]


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