Gaze Lets You Watch Videos With Your Long-Distance Friends In Real Time

Everyday occurrences such as watching TV with family and friends become exponentially difficult when you’re physically far away. Gaze allows you to virtually watch videos at the same time with other people and communicate through webcam.

Although Google Hangouts allows for screen sharing, the resolution isn’t consistently up to par and frequently goes through disconnections and lag. That’s why a dedicated synchronised solution like Gaze is so useful.

Like Hangouts, Gaze lets you watch YouTube videos along with your friends. It also allows you to watch locally stored videos in sync as well. That’s extremely useful when it comes to movies, which may be difficult to find on YouTube. Most other similar video services we tested didn’t have this feature.

When I was trying out Gaze, I got a bit of audio feedback from my mic at the beginning of the synchronisation, but it disappeared after a few seconds. Although I expect this should improve as the service gets better, you can mute the audio microphone and just type out your messages. Check it out at the link below.


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