Foxtel Adds (Even More) HD Channels

Foxtel is adding nine new entertainment, sports and educational channels to its HD lineup, bringing the total to 36. Customers with an IQ2 or MyStarHD set-top box will gain access to the new HD channels, including Arena, Fox Sports News, History and the Universal Channel. Having a social life is probably overrated.

The extra channels are the product of a new five-year usage agreement with Optus' D3 satellite. The nine new HD channels are 13th Street, Arena, BoxSets, Eurosport, Fox Sports 4, Fox Sports News, History, Universal Channel and World Movies. This brings the total number of high definition channels offered by Foxtel from 25 to 36.

If you're a Foxtel customer with a penchant for HD content, this is pretty good news. It certainly makes free-to-air's HD offerings look embarrassing by comparison.


    From memory they charge a pretty penny for the privilege of getting HD..?

      Nope, just $10/mo.

        Right, so that's an extra $10 on top of an already expensive package..?

          Probably depends on your definition of "expensive". Package prices recently dropped, the lowest now being $25 (from $50), so no. Not particularly expensive.

            Just checked their TV guide and there's very little in there that I haven't already seen..! I'll check 'em again when the price drops though..! :)

            Last edited 28/10/14 4:09 pm

            Yeah, but you won't get too many HD versions of the channels that you get in the $25 pack.

            The price didn't actually drop. They moved the expensive channels out of the basic package into other packages, which were re-arranged and increased in price. The cost of all the channels is the same as it is now.

        It's 2014, not 2004. The cost of the HD channels shouldn't cost anything extra.

    When Foxrel offers content as conveniently as the internet and at the same release date, without bundling tons of crap I don't want, I'll consider it instead of the internet for my video needs.

      And without having to pay $100 a month to watch ads. Ugh.

    So 36 HD channels vs. practically zero on free to air.

    Well done Australia :(

    Mean while Foxtel are just going to start airing Penny Dreadful, which was released back in May in the US.

      Good show that one, mainly due to the quality of the acting, but it keeps you wanting to know more... :)

      Last edited 28/10/14 7:09 pm

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