Five Best iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Cases

Five Best iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Cases

If you’ve recently picked up a shiny new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’ll want something to protect it from drops, falls, scratches and dings. There are lots of cases available, from the super-expensive to the slim and cheap. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations.

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Whichever case you choose, shop around online for the best deal — prices can vary widely.

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Neo Hybrid

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid earned praise thanks to its full-body support and protection, shock resistance, metallic bumper trim and textured thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) backplate. The web-patterned, textured back makes it easy to grip, and the pattern extends to the inside as well, so your phone rests snugly without scratching or scraping against the inside. You still have access to ports and buttons, thanks to slots in the case and metallic case buttons on the outside, and the port slots are a little larger than necessary so you don’t have trouble plugging in third-party cables, headphones, or other accessories while your phone is still in its case. It comes in a variety of colours. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, you’re in luck, the Spigen Neo Hybrid for iPhone 6 has all the same features.

Speck CandyShell

The Speck Candyshell earned the honour of being The Wirecutter’s favourite iPhone 6 case, and for good reason. The Candyshell is a firm-bodied case made of a hard, impact-resistant exterior, with a rubberised, shock-absorbent lining that extends around the lip of the case and at the corners, so if your phone takes a tumble and hits the ground on the corner, it’s cushioned a bit. The case is also easy to slip on and off your phone. The CandyShell, like many of Speck’s cases, have been tested to military-grade impact resistance standards, and the raised bezel means you can flip the case over and lay it flat without the screen touching the surface. The case has protection for your buttons, thanks to rubberised cover buttons, and slots for access to your ports. The CandyShell is available in a number of colours. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, the CandyShell itself isn’t available, but Speck does offer similar other cases for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Tech21 Classic Check

Tech 21’s Classic Check case is made of D3o, an impact resistant substance that’s popular in sportswear, workwear and military clothing. Tech21’s case brings that same material to the bumper around your phone, and surrounds the back with a smooth, check-patterned translucent TPU back. If you don’t like the Classic Check, look at the Classic Shell, which has a transparent TPU back, or any of the other variations — some come with flip-covers for the screen, or other patterned exteriors. All of Tech 21’s cases are drop-tested to military impact standards. The Classic Check offers complete access to all of your ports and your buttons (thanks to button covers), and it’s slim enough to offer full body protection without adding a lot of bulk.

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is much like the Neo Hybrid mentioned above, offering full bumper and bezel protection and a transparent TPU backplate to keep the back safe from dings, scratches and scrapes. The case uses Spigen’s “Air Cushion” technology to keep the phone safe while it is in the case itself, and in the corners to add a little shock protection should your phone fall and hit the ground on a corner or edge. The button covers are designed to be flush with the body, and there’s easy access to power, and wider-than-usual slots for ports on the bottom so you can plug in peripherals without struggling, or having to take your phone out of its case.

Apple Leather Case

Apple wouldn’t release a phone without also releasing its own line of cases for it. The iPhone 6 Leather case, and its counterpart Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus are both made of premium leather and crafted to fit your iPhone snugly while use. The interior of each case is soft microfibre, which protects the surface of your phone from scratches while it’s inside the case, and it’s available in five colours. Surprisingly, even though the case is leather, it’s a snug and secure fit — and beyond the Apple logo on the back, there are no logos, marks or seams. It’s a simple back-case and bumper, with a slight bezel that wraps around the front of the phone, so you can lay it on its face without the phone touching the surface. There are slots in the case for access to power and ports, but the volume buttons are protected with button covers.

Want to make the case for your own favourite iPhone 6 case? Tell us what you’ve chosen and why you like it in the comments.


  • Has anybody seen a case for the 6 that’s like the Samsung Flip Covers? Obviously it won’t have the screen-off functionality, but a wrap-around case with a cover is what I’m interested in, but can only find larger wallet-type cases

    • All over ebay @edc just did a quick search for iphone 6 flip and among all the wallet cases there are a few thin flip cases similar to the Samsung Flip cases. They seem to mostly have the cut out for the time as well as cut outs so you can answer without flipping it over.

  • Didn’t read the article because I don’t have an iPhone but do any of the cases offer protection for the 6+ against bendgate?
    Would be good if one did.

  • Many of the products are marked as leather, but they are just made of a synthetic leather. Most of the retail products marked as genuine leather are really made of genuine leather, but it can not be felt as real, because it is chemically and synthetically tanned and even after an year usage the leather will never age. That is just so cheap. I am using a brussardo wallet case for my iPhone 5, that Italian leather aged so naturally and received so many compliments.

    What is the point of buying a good phone such as the iphone, even I can say the best on market and then get a fake accessory to it. You will be noticed on small things… guys remember it.

    • Assuming your comment isn’t a paid advertisement, who in their right mind spends 70 dollars on a leather pocket? Those things are a dime a dozen in Florence.

  • Personally, I hoped Speck would offer a Pixel HD case for the 6/6P phone! Speck Pixel HD has been excellent, easy to grip the phone without it sliding in my hands and the raised bezel has provided 100% protection especially with many drops that impacted on the glass side. My iPhone 4 is old and in excellent condition thanks to Speck Pixel HD. That being said, I purchased the Tech 21 Classic Check since Speck CandyShell w/grip is not available.

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