Find Your Vocal Range In Two Minutes With This Video

Find Your Vocal Range In Two Minutes With This Video

Knowing how to use your voice is important for any aspiring musician or hobbyist. One of the first steps to developing your voice as an instrument is learning your vocal range, and this video helps you do it in just under two minutes.

The video will play notes for you to sing. You’ll write down the lowest and highest notes that you can comfortably reach. At the end, you’ll compare the range you wrote down to the ranges listed in the video, from bass to soprano. Whichever one best matches your range is your classification, and you can go from there to expand it, or just use it to sing, hum and write songs in your key.

I recommend that you do some warm ups before you try this, to make sure you achieve accurate results. If you don’t warm up your voice by singing “do re mi”, and up and down a scale, you’ll risk the chance of not reaching as far as you can with the notes in the video and not knowing your true classification.

Find Your Vocal Range In 1 Minute [YouTube]


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